Decorative Object Design with Eco-Resins

Experiment with acrylic and bio-resins to create modern decorative objects, from the initial mixing and tinting to the final casting

Course Overview

Start by getting to know Phil Cuttance, designer, craftsperson, and your teacher for this course. He shares how he became interested in creating visually complex items with resin and reveals the influences that have inspired his style.

Explore the basic properties of eco-resins before going over the tools you need for casting. Then see different types of molds and discover how to make your own with foam board.

Time to mix, tint, and pour your acrylic resin, later removing it and finishing the casting process to create your plant pot. Phil demonstrates how to achieve a marbled effect and apply painting techniques to the mold.

Next, discover how to work with bio-resin and combine it with acrylic resin to craft a translucent lightshade. Finish by wiring up your creation and learning Phil’s tips for creating other stunning objects.

What is this course's project?

Create a lightshade and plant pot using eco-resins.

Who is this online course for?

Anyone who wants to experiment with eco-resins to create modern decorative objects.

Materials Needed

To take this course, you need:

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